Life is a Musical

by on August 10, 2012

Because life is a musical.

For Amos (who is one and a half), life is a nonstop action movie with loud music and a plethora of chase scenes. For Josiah (our eldest, at five and a half), life is more like a spy thriller. There is plenty of action, but also intense secret plots, narrow escapes, and PIRATES. Yes, that’s […]

by on August 8, 2012

No post today; worked for way more than 15 minutes on a book review. My thoughts are forthcoming. Here’s the book, if you’re interested: Robert Wallace’s The Narrative Effect of Book IV of the Hebrew Psalter. If you really want to read it, it was the guy’s doctoral dissertation, and I hear a lot of […]

Having kids is an Adventure!

by on August 7, 2012

Make sure you pack the raisins, toy dinosaur, and diaper cream! I knew a lot more about having kids before Josiah was born. I think this happens in most families. Your friends have a baby and turn into zombies. Why can’t they just let her cry? The little boy on the next pew cannot sit […]

Worship in German

by on August 5, 2012

Last summer I knocked out my German research language requirement. Theoretically that means I’m a high-speed reader of theological German now—a register many native speakers of German find obfuscating, so I hear. Unfortunately, I haven’t done a whole lot with it since passing the exam. But I’ve found a way to practice! We attend a […]

My Vocational Arc

by on August 3, 2012

This post continues my thoughts from yesterday on my unfolding understanding of my calling. It is also my second day for the Write for 15 Minutes a Day challenge. (I know, I started a day late. But the point is consistency, so here goes…) When I arrived at Reformed Theological Seminary in the summer of […]