Please allow me to introduce you to my family.

MYSELF (Tony): Originally from Norman, OK, the Lord brought me to Himself at an early age. As a young child, I took my father's hand and walked down the aisle of our Baptist church. The Lord took hold of my life and has shaped it in wonderful ways. Through a trying season of debate, study and reflection upon the truths of Scripture, I came to a Reformed understanding of the Lord and His Word. Upon getting married in 2004, my wife and I explored further and, through the help of a local PCA minister, arrived at a Covenantal perspective.
After some time in the work force, the Lord called my family and me to Mississippi to study at Reformed Theological Seminary. Having graduated from seminary, I am currently a student at McMaster Divinity College (having begun September 2010). I deeply enjoy exploring the depths of the Lord's sovereign Hand working in a consistent fashion through out history.
Hobbies: Biking, Reading, Gardening, Carpentry, Original Language Studies . . . just to name a few

Rose and Josiah MY WIFE (Rose): My wife, Rose, was born and raised in the Dallas Metro and attended college in Norman, OK. She graduated with a degree in Elementary education. But being a woman who loves challenges, she currently works as a stay-at-home wife and mother while simultaneously building and maintaining websites for a missions agency, a church, a woodcarvers guild, and a real estate related partnership. Some of her work is featured at Pyles Productions. There are also several sites she manages on a more voluntary basis.
Rose loves the Lord and desires to make Him known. In a face to face setting, she would be delighted to share the story of the Lord's work in bringing her to faith.
Hobbies: Quilting, Knitting, Anything related to computers, Gardening, Perfecting new recipes (the latest of which is Key Lime Pie)

OUR OLDEST SON (Josiah Knox): Josiah is "all boy." At 11 years Josiah is extremely energetic and enthusiastic! He explores everything and absolutely loves listening to music and having mommy and daddy's undivided attention.
Named after Josiah, (a righteous king over Israel) and John Knox (the Scottish Reformer), Josiah already bears his name well in terms of his loving disposition and yet resolute stance on nearly everything.
Hobbies: Getting dirty, playing with friends, riding a scooter, going on walks with mommy, having friends over, playing with rope or string and having "adventures." Recently he has also decided he also wants to play chess!

OUR DAUGHTER (Charity Ruth):Our daughter, an exuberant and energetic child, is a little more of an introvert. She loves attention but not necessarily from everyone. Like her big brother, she is a precious gift from God with a flair for drama.
Current Age: 9 years and 4 months
Hobbies: Playing with toys (or water), potty training and getting in to everything! She's particularly fond of the butter and devours any meat she can find!    

OUR YOUNGEST SON (Amos Tyndale): Our youngest and only Canadian is full of smiles and loves life.
Current Age: 7 years and 3 months Hobbies: Eating frozen waffles, scooting around on his bum, laughing and watching his siblings get into mischief!  

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