Life is a Musical

by on August 10, 2012

Because life is a musical.

Because life is a musical.

For Amos (who is one and a half), life is a nonstop action movie with loud music and a plethora of chase scenes.

For Josiah (our eldest, at five and a half), life is more like a spy thriller. There is plenty of action, but also intense secret plots, narrow escapes, and PIRATES. Yes, that’s more like it, a spy thriller with Pirates and buried treasure.

For our daughter Charity, who is about to turn four, however, life is a musical. In the midst of a good deal of over-the-top hamming, there is no telling when she will burst into song. There are songs about waking up, songs about avoiding bedtime, songs about dinner, songs about what not to do if one wants to keep out of trouble, songs about her little brother, and even songs about the color pink.

I’m thinking about these things because this is a day when Charity had an unintentional nap in the late afternoon. This is not a good thing.

Since Charity first dropped her afternoon nap (it seems like a decade ago, even though she is not quite four), she has had the oft-repeating episode of catching a cat nap sometime after 4pm and thus not being able to fall asleep before 11. This is one of those days.

Sometimes she gets into trouble for taking something from Amos or yelling at Josiah and is sent to her room. Sometimes she wanders off to play by herself. Sometimes she just lays down on the couch to think, or sing. Then, all of a sudden, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. The Sandman has come upon her.

What this means is that pretty much no matter what we do, she will be awake longer than even we want to be. If she stays in bed and quiet, be not fooled. At 10:30, having heard not the slightest peep for two hours, I may poke my head in to check on her and she will sit bolt upright, bright-eyed, taking this as a cue that she can get up to play!

More often there is much singing. Her brothers are used to it; perhaps it even helps them fall asleep. She will sing for hours. And then she will come and snuggle into bed between mommy and daddy.

That’s actually where I found her this evening, singing and playing with a flashlight, tucked in on my side of the bed next to Rose. She was very excited to see me, although she quickly decided that she was hungry, and so we should get up again.

And what did she want? Froot Loops. I wonder if she has a song about that?