Next year…

by on August 6, 2012

This morning Rose asked me to write about what I expect for the next year: what I’l be doing, where I hope to be. So here goes. (It’s pretty late, though, so I’ll post this in the morning.)

I finished coursework in my Ph.D. program this last spring. This summer would have been taken up with reading for comprehensive exams and writing my dissertation proposal, but our landlord surprised us with a decision to sell the house we were renting—empty. Time to move! I’ve gotten some reading in, but not nearly so much as I expected. So I’ll be busy!

Over the next month I’ll be writing three dictionary articles, finishing up a couple of book reviews, revising a paper I’m presenting in October (on Psalm 88), and preparing the course I’m teaching this fall (Hermeneutics, at Redeemer University College). Then in the fall I’ll be teaching, revising another paper (on Psalm 72) which I present in November, traveling to the Evangelical Theological Society meeting (and possibly the Society of Biblical Literature), finishing up my comprehensive exams, drafting my proposal, and preparing the three (!) courses I will teach in the winter: Greek II, Theological Interpretation, and Reformation Theology.

In the winter semester (what most people outside of Canada call “spring”) I’ll be teaching. I hope to get some other things done as well, but with three courses, I don’t plan to put much extra on my plate.

In terms of my doctoral program, I hope a year from now to be at the point where my exams are passed, my proposal has been accepted, and I’ve begun some chapters. I’ll be working on a project with my supervisor over the next year that has some major overlap with my dissertation project—a nice way not only to guarantee I’ll make some headway, but even get paid for it!

I look forward to the teaching, even though it is less directly related to my doctoral work and will certainly make it more difficult to finish my program in four years. For one, the experience will hopefully make it easier to get a job when I finish! The money won’t hurt, either, with our growing family. But more than that, I love teaching. And I have the added bonus of not just new courses, but the chance to tweak a course I taught at Redeemer last year (Theological Interpretation).

The next year will be pretty amazing for us as a family, as well. Josiah and Charity will be in kindergarten in the fall (senior and junior, respectively); Amos will turn 2 in October; number 4 will come along some time in mid February (my sister Katy is hoping for the 15th). In November we are all running together in the Road2Hope for a family total of 20km. After that we get a third opportunity to see if a Canadian winter is really so bad (there was significantly more snow back in Oklahoma last year!). Somewhere in there Josiah and I may even make it to the end of Return of the King (we’re with Sam and Frodo following Gollum into Mordor in The Two Towers right now).